Recorded during their time at the Twin Lakes Library System this is a loosely library-related series, In the Stacks with Barry & LaToya. Hosted by library former Director, Barry Reese and former Assistant Director, LaToya Davidson-Perez it showcases their viewpoints on news, entertainment, books, and other issues. Get a peek inside the not so hallowed walls of a public library plus so much more. After all, the library IS more than just books!

Barry ReeseBarry, a popular New Pulp author, provides the information and often-times more philosophical viewpoints. He was with the Twin Lakes Library System from 1995 to 2014. He is a huge Robbie Williams fan, hockey, and enjoys pulp fiction. In his free time Barry enjoys writing, spending time with his wife, and playing with his son. He is an avid comic book reader and enjoys listening to British Pop.

LaToya Davidson-PerezLaToya, who was the youngest public library system Assistant Director in the state of Georgia, is the comic relief. She was with the Twin Lakes Library System from 2001 to 2014. She is a huge Michael Bublé fan, Apple, and enjoys reality television. In her free time LaToya enjoys organizing, playing on her iMac, and watching television. She loves taking cruises, writing poetry, and spending time with her family.

He will nourish your intellectual interests while she provides the entertainment gossip and issues. In the Stacks with Barry & LaToya has a little something for everyone. If you have suggestions on show topics or even feedback, contact us!

DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed on the on the show are entirely those of its participants and do not necessarily, or cannot be taken to represent the opinions, positions or views past, present, or future, of the Twin Lakes Library System.

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